DustPRO™ Treated Proppant

DustPRO™ proppant is the only cost-effective preventative proppant solution that limits silica dust exposure during all sand transfer points, including pneumatic transfer.

DustPRO™ proppant is currently available at terminals and sand origin sites across North America. Contact us.

MSDS, fluid compatibility, and DustPRO™ samples are available upon request.

Contact us for more information.

DustPRO™ proppants are designed to:

  • Meet current and proposed OSHA standards
  • Create a safer workplace for employees
  • Eliminate fugitive dust
  • Remove unnecessary bulky equipment
  • Eliminate dozens of unsafe tripping hazards
  • Provide easier access to critical equipment, including the blender and transfer belt areas
  • Increase well-site efficiency

Frequently Asked Questions

What advantages does DustPRO™ proppant have over mechanical silica dust control systems?

Wellsite with dust collection system:

No additional equipment with DustPRO™:

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