DustPRO™ Application System

Seamlessly integrates with existing loadout processes and PLC controls to ensure a fully automated system, no extra manpower required

  • The patent-pending application systems are specifically developed to apply the patented chemical, Preferred DC, to any sand type
  • Application systems can be custom built to accommodate any special requirements while maintaining a minimal footprint

The DustPRO™ application unit is comprised of two major components:

Conex Box

Houses primary control center

Full climate controls to handle extreme temperatures

DustPRO Application

Custom Designed Applicator

Multiple applicators can be supported by a single Conex box

DustPRO™'s Supervisory Control System provides real-time feed on tank levels, system alarms, and historical operation data.

  • Capable of being integrated with existing PLC controls to ensure a fully automated system
  • Allows for remote operations at any designated load-out control center

Frequently Asked Questions

How does DustPRO™ perform in extreme weather conditions?

DustPRO™ was developed to perform in extreme weather conditions and can withstand temperatures of -35.7°C (-32°F). It should be noted that DustPRO™’s application process is contained and heated throughout.

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